When time is wasted looking for vehicles in the yard performance is compromised. Manual recording of parking positions is subject to human error. With SmartYard® advanced depot management solution you can locate vehicles anywhere in the depot, schedule vehicle and maintenance assignments and run reports on inventory and performance.

Eliminate Manual Reporting

Automating vehicle location is more accurate and saves time and money

Improve On-Time Performance

Drivers know exactly which vehicle they should take and exactly where it is so they depart on schedule

Simplified Dispatcher Vehicle Assignment

Ensures that the right vehicle is assigned to the right work

Reduced Road Calls

Known maintenance issues are properly identified & vehicles cannot be dispatched before required repair is completed

Optimized Pull-Out and Pull-In

Makes assigning vehicles more efficient and optimizes vehicle availability for upcoming work

Standalone or Integrated

Deployed as a standalone offering or with an onboard IVN as part of a total ITS solution

Improve Depot Operations with SmartYard

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Product Fact Sheet

Product Overview & Features and Benefits


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