Keep Your Customers Informed with PA/PIS Solutions from Clever Devices

In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience is paramount and transportation alternatives plenty, providing seamless and timely information to passengers is crucial. Public Address and Public Information Systems (PA/PIS) are vital for modern transportation networks, enhancing how passengers interact with public transit.

Your Complete PA/PIS Provider

When integrated with onboard systems, Clever Devices’ Public Address/Passenger Information System (PA/PIS) solutions enable transit agencies to communicate real-time visual and auditory data from a variety of data sources to passengers, making public transit the safe, reliable, and attractive choice.

Public Address System

Seamlessly relay crucial information to passengers via overhead speakers, including automated and next stop announcements, door opening alerts, and manual messages. Ensure fast and controlled communication for a safe and informed experience.

Hearing Loop

Service broadcasts and emergency announcements communicate vital travel and safety information. Our Hearing Loop system ensures that your hearing-impaired ridership experiences the same level of audible clarity and comfort on their personal T-coil-equipped devices.

Passenger Emergency and Cab Intercom

Enable seamless communication between passengers and on-board personnel, facilitating quick response in emergencies. Operators can easily make announcements while maintaining a reliable line of communication with conductors.

Onboard LED Signage

Optimize the passenger experience with versatile LED signage. Interior and exterior options provide real-time next stop and final destination updates, keeping passengers informed throughout their journey.

Warning Device

Prioritize passenger safety with our advanced warning devices designed specifically for passenger rail. Our interior warning devices keep passengers and pedestrians safe when crossing, boarding, and traveling.

Passenger WiFi

Enhance your passengers’ experience with WiFi that will keep them connected throughout the journey. Our onboard WiFi offers passengers uninterrupted connectivity, making their time onboard enjoyable and seamless.

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