EVMS Makes Managing Your Agency's Mixed Electric Fleet Easy

As you gradually transition to electric vehicles, the odds are that you’ll be managing a mixed fleet for the foreseeable future. With EVMS, you can easily manage ALL your vehicles within the ITS ecosystem you already own and that your employees are already familiar with. There’s no need to toggle between systems or pay for an expensive solution that doesn’t support your entire fleet. We’ve built EVMS considerations into the core of our ITS solutions. With a simple upgrade and minimal training, your system and your employees are up and running quickly.

EVMS Intelligence Gets Smarter as It Learns

EVMS takes into consideration all the unique variables specific to your agency, like how many stops your vehicles make, traffic patterns, distance driven, elevations, temperatures, and even passenger loads and operator driving behaviors, and makes the process easy.

It Starts With the Schedule

Since our system will know your schedule, we have the advantage of knowing exactly the work you need the vehicle to perform.

Considers Specifics About Your Fleet

The system understands the capabilities of each type of electric vehicle in your fleet and considers that for our predictions.

Accounts for Unique Operational Variables

From your topography to your ridership patterns and everything in between, EVMS accounts for all the elements that are unique to your agency and factors them into the equation.

Continuously References Data

EVMS continuously references what it has already learned and applies that knowledge into our predictions – which means, as more and more historical data is gathered, the more exacting your EVMS predictions become.

Predicts Energy Consumption

Armed with all these considerations, EVMS will provide your stakeholders with energy consumption predictions for every Bus/Block combination in your schedule.

Feeds Into Clever Devices' Product Suite

Gives you energy predictions you can count on across all your ITS platforms.

Documents & Downloads

EVMS Product Fact Sheet


Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Public Transit Agencies


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