Reducing Road Congestion

More cars on the road directly correlate to increased congestion and elevated levels of air pollution. Increased road congestion also leads to poor fuel efficiency and unnecessary idling. Our suite of environmentally-conscious business intelligence and dispatch tools enables transit agencies to diagnose areas of inefficiencies and make the necessary changes needed to reduce congestion and improve overall performance levels.


CleverCAD helps operations control centers reduce congestion and bus bunching by providing dispatchers with the real-time location and on-time performance of every vehicle in the fleet so they can make the necessary adjustments needed to keep service moving efficiently.

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Disruption Management

The Disruption Management module lets dispatchers react quickly to make schedule and route adjustments to avoid congestion-causing service interruptions such as road closures or traffic jams.

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Idle Monitor

Idle monitor helps combat the chronic problem of avoidable bus idling by identifying and reporting all idle monitoring events and calculating the fuel consumed and the carbon emission generated per event so an agency can take corrective measures.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Until the transition to Battery Electric Buses (BEBs) is complete over twenty years from now, most of the vehicles on our roads will continue to be powered by environmentally unfriendly diesel fuel. As such, we must continue to implement measures to maximize fuel efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the leading cause of climate change.


When vehicles are properly maintained, they run up to 10% cleaner and more efficiently than those that are not. AVM lets an agency pre-emptively measure, monitor, and maintain all systems to keep the fleet operating in peak operating condition.

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Provides meaningful fuel efficiency information by analyzing the context of the users’ operations by examining operator, vehicle type, route, and other variables that may impact fuel usage.

Reducing Private Car Usage by Making Transit Reliable & Enjoyable

Reliable, safe public transit – the kind that people actually want to use – can help reduce the number of private vehicles
on our roads. However, if people don’t enjoy taking public transit or feel unsafe or frustrated by it, they will default to
using personal cars and rideshare apps. Clever Devices offers a variety of solutions designed to help make riding public transit a more enjoyable experience, directly leading to increased ridership and fewer single-occupant personal vehicles on the roads.

BusTime Real-Time Information

Provides riders with real-time arrival information via the web, mobile devices and electronic signage onboard while waiting at a stop making planning your journey more convenient.

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CleverVision Digital Signage

Onboard digital signage lets an agency deliver real-time information, public service announcements, and other video content to help make the onboard experience informative and enjoyable.

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