Ridership Visibility At Your Fingertips

Sorting through the enormous amount of raw data your passenger counters create and ensuring its accuracy can be daunting without the right tools. CleverInsights makes ridership reporting more straightforward than ever.

Better Ridership Visibility

Immediately view the Key Performance Indicators most important to your role

Transparent Data Processing

Easily configure data processing rules and view exactly why data exclusions were made

Confidence in NTD Reporting

Clear reporting and checker survey streamlining improves confidence in the accuracy of your NTD reporting

Comprehensive ITS System Knowledge Not Required

Intuitive and easy to use with minimal training required

Access from Wherever You Are

Cloud-based, device-agnostic platform

Improvement of Overall System

Reporting that is easy to use and understand can aid in the improvement of your system for your riders

Documents & Downloads

Product Fact Sheet

Product overview, features & benefits


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