Clever Devices is proud to sign on to APTA’s Racial Equity Commitment Pilot Program. This program provides a tangible roadmap for APTA members committed to advancing racial equity as part of a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework with a view toward continuous improvement. The program outlines five core principles, and those who sign on to this two-year pilot program agree to the following:

Make Racial Equity a Strategic Priority

Make racial equity an explicit strategic priority for your organization.

Annual Organization Climate Assessment

Undertake an annual diversity, equity, and inclusion climate assessment of your organization on the perceived employee experience of existing policies, practices, and procedures from the perspective of diversity, racial equity, and inclusion.

Review & Analyze Demographic Data

Review and analyze demographic data covering both what is internal to an organization (e.g., employees, resources, business partners, etc.) as well as external (e.g., revenue service, products, and projects, ridership, community partnerships, etc.) to develop a baseline on how existing policies, practices, and programs impact racial equity.

Establish Evidence-Informed Policies

Put in place evidence-informed policies, practices, programs, and processes for creating and maintaining an inclusive and equitable environment for workers, and customers, including identifying best practices for responding to the use of hate-related behavior, language, or signs.

Engage Leadership on Racial Equity

Establish programs, tools, and dedicated resources that engage executive and board leadership and staff on the meaning and importance of racial equity and how they can help realize the organization’s racial equity strategy as part of a broader effort on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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