Audio Visual Alerts Save Lives

Turn Warning™ automatically detects when a bus is turning and sends an audio announcement to alert pedestrians to remain careful and alert as the bus is turning. It can also audibly alert drivers to pedestrians they may not be able to see on the street.

Adjustable Volume Control

Audio levels can be disabled or adjusted based on time of day

Audio Adjustments using Geofencing

Audio levels adjusted based on location – i.e. in certain neighborhoods or when in garage

Optional Visual Warning Lights

Compliment audio announcements with visual warning lights for increased awareness

Onboard System Components

Turn recognition components located inside vehicle & protected from external environment

Integrates with 3rd Parties

Turn Warning™ can be configured to work with various 3rd party collision avoidance systems

Standalone or Integrated

Deployed as a standalone offering or with an onboard IVN as part of a total ITS solution

Documents & Downloads

Product Fact Sheet

Product Overview & Features and Benefits


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