Tools that help you work smarter and safer, visibility to manage operations more efficiently and communication solutions that increase passenger satisfaction

Bus Solutions


Solutions that increase reliability, improve safety and give your passengers the information they need to get where they need to go

Rail Solutions


Streamline costs while delivering premium service to those who depend on your agency

Paratransit Solutions


We make it our business to understand yours. We know an off-the-shelf solution won’t help you deliver the services your riders demand. Whether you have 50 vehicles or 5000, for over thirty years public transportation providers like you have chosen Clever Devices to help them create efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

Operations Control

Our multi-modal fleet management solutions provide complete situational awareness & communications capabilities for efficient management of resources.

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Safety and Security

Our safety and security solutions keep your operators, your riders and even your pedestrians on the street.

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Business Intelligence

Our full suite of business intelligence tools provide the historical visibility needed to make the changes that improve efficiency and optimize operations.

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Planning and Scheduling

Our powerful planning and scheduling solutions simplify and optimize your processes to ensure that you are creating reliable service in the most economical and efficient manner possible.

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Yard and Asset Management

Unexpected mechanical breakdowns and poor depot management all contribute to unhappy riders. Our solutions help you maintain your fleet and stay on schedule.

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Real-Time Passenger Information

Accurate and reliable passenger information is critical to increasing mass transport ridership and can have positive economic effects on a city by reducing lost productivity and personal time.

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