GreyHawk Mobile integrates into your existing schedule system to improve the efficiency of your paratransit agency. Its powerful digital manifest software combines with vehicle location capabilities in an intuitive, easy-to-use one piece unit that simplifies route management and increases customer satisfaction.

Scheduling Integration & Digital Manifest Management

GreyHawk Mobile integrates with multiple scheduling systems to provide a digital manifest. When the operator logs on to the system via the unit, the specific route manifest is transmitted from the scheduling system to the vehicle where it is displayed on the touch screen. Color coding of trip data simplifies manifest management for the driver and handling trip updates, no-shows and cancellations are simple and easy with its streamlined interface.

Automatic Vehicle Location

GPS satellites are used to continuously calculate vehicle location which is transmitted via a cellular network to the GreyHawk Gateway Server at controlled intervals enabling vehicle location plotting.

CleverCAD® Integration

GreyHawk Mobile can integrate into your CleverCAD® system to enable you to manage both your Paratransit and Fixed Route vehicles from the same screen.

Navigation Support

GPS based audio and visual turn-by-turn directions prevent drivers from getting lost, helping to increase on time performance and customer satisfaction.

Purpose-Built Rugged Design

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is a rugged tablet purpose built for vehicle use and designed to IP68 (dust/water resistance) and MILSTD-810H (temperature, moisture and shock) standards. The 10.1 inch LCD display has a peak of 550 nits and is optimal for operator use. The device also includes an exchangeable battery, ensuring a long battery life, and a protective cover, making it more rugged and suitable to handle the natural rough conditions of a vehicle.

Cost Saving Driver/Dispatch Communication

Drivers can communicate with dispatchers using Hardened VoIP via the URLC- eliminating the need for a separate, costly private radio system or via text which is automatically sent to the GreyHawk Tablet.

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