Think of IVN® as the “Brain” Inside the Vehicle

The Intelligent Vehicle Network is the vehicle logic unit that controls the complete Clever Devices ITS technology package on your vehicle. The brains of the vehicle, IVN is a rugged and powerful onboard computer specifically designed to manage your transportation applications, collecting and transmitting data, either in real-time or upon arrival in the depot.

Purpose Built Intelligent Processing Power

Combines an Intel processor with a dedicated I/O coprocessor system to orchestrate the flow of information from its many interfaces in real time.

Multiple Networking Capabilities

Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular connectivity. Ethernet is used to connect IVN to other systems on the vehicle such as digital signage, fare boxes, routers, onboard DVR and security systems and passenger counters.


Uses a built-in multi-constellation navigation receiver and input from an internal gyroscope and the vehicle’s odometer signal to maintain positioning even in challenging signal environments.

Audio Capabilities

IVN has built-in audio amplifiers with five (5) audio output channels driving the speakers on the vehicle for both interior and exterior announcements, including automated voice annunciation (AVA).

Multiple Communication Interfaces

Connect your most important systems including card readers, onboard signage and fare boxes to enable you to collect and transmit the data you need to manage your operations.

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Product Specifications


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