Hardened VoIP for Multi-Modal Transit Applications

Secure and Scalable

Seamlessly integrates with Wi-FI, Satellite, LMR, and FirstNet to ensure no fixed end single-point failures

Reliable Voice Communications

Agency Separation, Role Based Separation, Talk Groups / Private Calls and Priority Scanning.

Truly Unified Communications

Unifies your LMR and cellular infrastructure with seamless switching between voice and data communications; removes limitations of how your workers can communicate with one another – communicate without going through dispatchers.

Affordable and Cost-Efficient Alternative/Complement to LMR

All the features and functionality of traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) over cellular infrastructure.

Redundancy and Fallback Capability

Gracefully degrades in multiple ways when cellular fails. In competitive solutions, if cellular fails all communication is lost with all people on the cellular network – With Clever Devices Hardened VoIP all communication is automatically retransmitted.

De Tapia, Transit Technology Manager of Community Transit in Snohomish County, Washington

"We needed a reliable and proven solution which is why we selected Clever Devices."

When Community Transit needed to replace their aging Land-Mobile Radio system with an affordable communication solution that would integrate with their existing CAD/AVL solution, they turned to Clever Devices.

“Going with a VoIP solution saved us about $13mil – 50% of the original capital budget and it also saves us about $600k a year on our operating budget.”

Documents & Downloads

Celrado Product Fact Sheet

Celrado is an IP-based unified mobile communications system that provides the traditional radio-like features that increase your communication capacity, improves your reliability through seamless switching between communication technologies and enhances service area coverage with a low total cost of ownership.


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