Jay Heim, Sr. IT Program Manager, Community Transit

Community Transit Made Downtime a Thing of the Past with Celrado VoIP

Jay Heim, Sr. IT Program Manager at Community Transit, details his agency’s success in implementing Celrado as their primary voice communication solution. Since switching to Celrado, Community Transit has noticed significantly lower operational costs than the previous land mobile radio system, experienced almost no downtime since launch, and is planning to scale the solution with their agency as they look to add new routes and service in the coming years.

Hear AC Transit discuss their decision to use IP-based VOIP as their primary means of communication between operations control and operators.

How One Agency Saved Millions with Celrado by Not Updating Their Traditional LMR Radio Network

At AC Transit in Oakland, California their aging LMR system was going to cost over $18M (US) to replace. Instead, they opted for a new IP-based VOIP solution called Celrado that offered the radio-like features their operators and dispatchers demanded at a fraction of the cost and without compromising quality.

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