CleverReports collects data from CAD/AVL, Scheduling Tools, APC’s and the on-board IVN and transforms it into actionable information that’s loaded into a data warehouse. This data can be viewed on web-based dashboards or as custom reports used to effectively measure how well your agency is performing against your key performance indicators.

Data Collection & Storage

Collect data from multiple systems and transforms it into actionable information you can use

Comprehensive Dashboards

Over 200 standard dashboards and reports are available to effectively measure how well your agency is performing

Ad-Hoc Report Creation

Create on-demand reports using ad-hoc report builder without writing complicated queries

Intelligent Automation & Report Scheduling

Set a time or specific condition and automatically receive reports right to your email

Ensured Data Integrity

Clever ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), the highly configurable data collection utility powers CleverReports® & ensures data integrity

Print, Export, & Email Reports

Print or export reports or email manually or automatically to individuals or groups

Documents & Downloads

Product Fact Sheet

Product Overview & Features and Benefits


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