Real-time location-based content

CleverVision lets you deliver real-time information and public service announcements along with other video content while generating additional revenue from national, local or hyper-local advertising opportunities.


CleverVision creates a fully immersive customer experience and enables you to engage with your customers from their journey’s beginning to its end. It improves the overall rider experience by improving communication between your agency and the community you serve.

  • Improved Passenger Communications

    Flexible content triggering lets you provide meaningful, timely and targeted information to passengers throughout their journey
  • Intelligent Power Management

    Protects media player electronics and reduces power consumption while protecting against battery drainage
  • Easy to Use CMS

    Easily configure and schedule static and dynamic content using an intuitive content management system (CMS)
  • Purpose Built Rugged Displays

    HD resolution screens offered in multiple sizes that are rugged and vandal proof
  • Solution Options

    Can be deployed as a standalone solution or integrated with other Clever Devices solutions
  • Generate Additional Revenue

    Partner with businesses to deliver targeted advertising triggered by location

Generate additional revenue when you deploy CleverVision and partner with local businesses to deliver highly targeted advertising and other types of dynamic content.