August 27, 2021

High-Availability Cloud Based VoIP Communications at AC Transit

Clever Devices’ Phil Bockrath and our partners at AC Transit were recently published in the IEEE Smart Cities newsletter, describing their experience of implementing a high-availability multi Cloud-based VoIP system with Celrado.

Real-time voice communications between Operations Control Center (OCC), Bus Operators, and Field Supervisors are critical components of maintaining service reliability and practicing safety. Historically, the voice communications at AC Transit were achieved by leveraging the traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system. At the critical decision making time, the options were to invest millions of dollars into the replacement and upgrade of the LMR system, including the long-haul communication hardware infrastructure and end-user radio equipment, or deploy the newly developed Voice Over IP (VoIP) software based technology using the commercial cellular 5G network. As the computer industry moves towards Internet Protocol (IP) based voice connectivity, the IP protocols provide device interoperability, system reliability, spectrum efficiency, wide coverage areas at a cost-effective price. Based on extensive market research and assessment of technology maturity, AC Transit concluded that the VoIP communications option was more stable, reliable, and inexpensive than traditional analog radio communication solutions.

Click here to read the full article at IEEE Smart Cities or learn more about our VoIP communications solution Celrado.

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