November 19, 2019

​​​Clever Devices Wins Corporate Patron of the Year from Tennessee Public Transportation Association​

The Tennessee Public Transportation Association (TPTA) has awarded Clever Device the Corporate Patron of the Year.

TPTA stated, “CARTA awarded Clever Devices an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) project in 2007 and installed in 2008. The ITS project was innovative with technological advances and features that were above and beyond anything being utilized at any other transportation agency throughout the country. Although the project was filled with challenges that were neither simply or easily resolved, Clever Devices has continuously risen to the challenge.  CARTA can truly say that Clever Devices has gone above and beyond to repair not only issues the project presented but also the relationship with CARTA and we can say with confidence Clever Devices is very deserving of the TPTA Vendor of the Year award. “​

Clever Devices held bi-weekly meetings with the CARTA team throughout the project to ensure that we were aware of and working to resolve any challenges that arose. This consistent communication helped to form a strong partnership.

The Clever Devices team is honored to accept this award and we extend our thanks to CARTA and TPTA for their recognition.

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