MAIOR Transit Scheduling - A complete solution that lets you plan, optimize and enhance your planning and scheduling operations.

Route Planning

Define your transit network by creating, modifying and deleting stops, routes, patterns, depots, and deadheads to keep your entire transit network always precise and up to date.

Timetable Design

Plan your trips for multiple routes and patterns using accurate run times and optimize timetables according to your desired headways, vehicle availability or passenger demand to better meet your rider's needs.

Resource Optimization

Save time and money by creating optimized vehicle and driver schedules using state-of-the-art optimization algorithms while improving the quality and the efficiency of your service.

Operator Assignments

Manage your drivers' work assignments, bidding, and vacations while ensuring adherence to labor and agency rules and keeping operating costs under control.

Daily Management

Manage inevitable unpredicted changes such as absences or vehicle breakdowns while optimizing your vehicle assignments.

RunTime Analysis

Increase accuracy and punctuality of your schedules using optimized driving time profiles that reflect the traffic congestions throughout the day.

Business Intelligence

Analyze your planning and scheduling data to improve your network’s quality and to better serve your passengers.

Data Sharing and System Integration

Supply precise data for downstream technologies, such as CAD/AVL, travel planners, and payroll systems.

Kitsap Transit Video Case Study


Before MAIOR, Kitsap Transit located in the Pacific Northwest was manually managing its planning and scheduling. The process was inefficient and time-consuming. Watch the video and learn how Clever Devices helped Kitsap align their planning and scheduling departments and improve the overall scheduling process for the agency.

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