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Celrado - IP-based Mobile Communications Solution

Introducing Celrado – the IP-based mobile communication solution that provides all the functionality of a traditional land mobile radio (LMR) over cellular infrastructure at less than half the cost. With Celrado, you get all the radio-like features you need such as talk groups, scanning and priority scanning without the need to maintain an expensive radio infrastructure. Carrier agnostic and designed to function with or without a CAD/AVL system, Celrado has been designed with the unique needs of transit in mind.

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Disruption Management Module for CAD/AVL

Schedule disruptions happen for many reasons; they can be planned, but often they happen unexpectedly. Either way, they are inconveniencing your passengers. With the Disruption Module for CAD/AVL you can not only react in real time to get back on schedule but all your passenger facing systems including your digital signage, your mobile application, your website and your onboard signage are automatically updated to ensure your passengers have the info they need to get where they need to go. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can manage detours, bus bridges, service/day changes and recover your services quickly and easily while simultaneously updating all your passenger-facing systems in REAL TIME.

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Clever Vision – Digital Signage

Learn how you can marry that real-time information with a powerful automated content distribution system to display RSS feeds, infotainment content and revenue-generating location-based advertising to enhance your rider’s experience on every step of their journey. Not all digital signage solutions can withstand the rigors of a public transportation environment. We’ve built our hardware and software with transit in mind.

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SmartYard – Advanced Depot Management Solution

Are your drivers spending too much time looking for their assigned vehicles making them late to pull-out? Have you ever sent a vehicle on the road that needed maintenance? Do you have someone manually recording vehicle locations? Are your operators, dispatchers and maintenance crews all on the same page? In this webcast, you’ll learn how SmartYard® advanced depot management solution can help you locate vehicles anywhere in the depot, schedule vehicle to work assignments, prevent vehicles with known maintenance issues from being assigned to work and run reports that provide the visibility needed to track performance and improve operations.

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