The MTRAM Suite

The MTRAM Suite by M.A.I.O.R is a powerful and integrated scheduling solution that simplifies and optimizes your scheduling process to ensure that you are creating reliable service in the most economical and efficient manner possible.

MTRAM Planning

Manage all elements needed to define your entire transit network and create optimized timetables Read More

MTRAM Scheduling

Optimize the creation of your vehicle and driver schedules using fewer blocks and runs Read More

MTRAM Rostering

Automatically create optimized driver rosters and ensure adherence to labor and agency rules Read More

MTRAM Management

Manage the inevitable daily unpredicted changes to your planned service Read More

MTRAM Analysis

Business intelligence and robust running times analysis to help you meet the needs of your riders Read More

M.A.I.O.R – Now a part of the Clever Devices Family

Italian scheduling provider, M.A.I.O.R has joined the Clever Devices’ family with a robust suite of scheduling solutions that optimize your planning and scheduling and saves you money. Because M.A.I.O.R is now part of the family, you get the same quality and dedication to customer satisfaction we are committed to delivering. Clever Devices and M.A.I.O.R –powerful, integrated ITS solutions designed to move public transportation forward.

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