Fleet Management

Central monitoring that provides real-time information to monitor and manage your fleet

Clever Devices’ fleet management provides real-time information about vehicles in the system so managers can make decisions about service, based upon what is happening in real time.

Better Insight Equals Better Service

CleverCAD® enables dispatchers to communicate directly with vehicles and manage routes more effectively than ever before. It delivers greater efficiency and security to transit operations by providing dispatchers and supervisors with a clear, real-time picture of the location and status of every in-service vehicle.


Advanced Depot Management Solution

With SmartYard® you can locate vehicles anywhere in the depot, schedule vehicle and maintenance assignments and run performance and inventory reports from an intuitive, user-friendly display that makes vehicle assignment more efficient & ensures the right vehicle is assigned to the right work.


Fleet Management Products

Our complete suite of fleet management solutions can save you time and money while improving customer service.