MTRAM Scheduling Product Fact Sheet

Creating and managing service scheduling can be complex and can be difficult to maintain. If you are creating vehicle blocks and runs manually, you are likely missing opportunities for efficiency. MTRAM Scheduling optimizes the creation of your vehicles and drivers’ schedules to ensure maximum productivity and strict adherence to labor laws and union regulations.

MTRAM Rostering Product Fact Sheet

Managing and optimizing the assignment of work to your drivers, while ensuring rule adherence and labor law compliance, requires a robust solution. Additionally, a truly powerful tool must help schedulers manage the bidding process while considering driver availability. MTRAM Rostering automatically creates optimized driver rosters in accordance with time off requests, labor rules, and agency regulations.

MTRAM Planning Product Fact Sheet

The success of any transit network is dependent upon accurate network planning. An effective public transportation plan enables your agency to control costs, increase efficiencies and deliver the service that represents the needs of your riders. MTRAM Planning helps you model your network and create optimized timetables.

MTRAM Management Product Fact Sheet

Despite your best efforts to plan and assign your rosters efficiently, every day brings unanticipated challenges that must be addressed on a case by case basis. The MTRAM Management tool simplifies and automates the daily management of your operation helping you to overcome unpredicted changes and attend to unplanned deviations from your planned service.

MTRAM Analysis Product Fact Sheet

MTRAM Analysis is an intuitive and easy to use tool that provides you with business intelligence and robust running times analysis that enables you to effectively monitor and improve your service to better meet the needs of your riders.

TAPS Product Fact Sheet

Our TAPS (Train Arrival Prediction) system incorporates data points from other rail systems such as track occupancy and planned operating schedule, travel restriction and service changes with real-time location information to provide accurate train arrival predictions at designated station stops and other control points.

Celrado Product Fact Sheet

Enhance, compliment or replace your LMR communications with our IP-based VoIP solution at less than half the cost of a traditional LMR

CleverCount – Automatic Passenger Counting Solution

CleverCount® is an automatic passenger counting (APC) solution that provides insights that allow you to plan based on the actual ridership demands of your customers, improving efficiencies and increasing rider satisfaction.

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