Accurate Train Arrival Predictions

Accurate train arrival predictions are the first step toward providing the information your customers demand. Our TAPS system incorporates data points from other rail systems such as track occupancy and planned operating schedule, travel restriction and service changes with real-time location information to provide accurate train arrival predictions at designated station stops and other control points.


Theres no time like real-time

TAPS enables you to communicate with your passengers in real time. Using GPS technology and scheduling data, TAPS calculates the real-time arrival time of your trains for specific stops and routes that you can share with your passengers in many ways.

  • Communicate Real-Time Scheduling Data

    Using GPS technology and scheduling data, TAPS calculates the arrival times for specific stops and rail line; share with riders in many ways.
  • Improved Passenger Experience

    Armed with real-time, accurate arrival information, passengers can better plan their schedules to arrive just in time which reduces frustrating long wait times.
  • Increased Passenger Satisfaction & Ridership

    When passengers have the information they need to plan their trip they are generally more satisfied and overall, more likely to use public transportation.
  • Customized Mobile App

    Agency branded app provides riders with features including “stops near me” GPS-search, integrated trip planning, and interactive contact information.
  • Open Interfaces for 3rd Party Access

    Our open API policy gives developers access to the real-time arrival information for the development of mobile
    apps and widgets, which helps you to better serve your customers.