Keep Operators and Passengers Safe At All Times

In the wrong hands, a bus can be stolen for a reckless joyride by a thief or a disgruntled ex-employee or worse, used as a weapon of destruction. Secure Bus Access guarantees that only authorized employees can operate the bus to help ensure the safety of employees, passengers and the public

Secure Bus Access

This authentication tool can be used as part of your Intelligent Vehicle Network – IVN® – to restrict bus operations only to trained operators. The solution is offered as an option, is powered by CleverWorks® and can be further enhanced when paired with CleverCAD® .

  • Onboard Driver Authentication

    Drivers need a secure PIN, paired with employee number to unlock bus transmission
  • Dispatcher Remote Authentication

    Using CleverWorks®, a dispatcher can reset pin and provide to driver
  • Prevents Unauthorized Use Mid-Route

    Tied to the seat vacancy switch; when the driver leaves their seat, log off is triggered.
  • Disable Vehicle Remotely

    Authorized personnel can disable the bus remotely; trigger shutdown sequence in emergency
  • Emergency Message to Passengers

    Can control digital and audio messaging to alert passengers in case of emergency
  • Locate the Bus Wherever It Is

    CleverCAD® integration enables dispatch to pinpoint the precise location of the vehicle

Restrict bus operations only to trained operators