IVN® Intelligent Vehicle Network

Our advanced technology makes every vehicle a smart vehicle.  With powerful on-board computing, IVN® supports our full range of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions.

Intelligent Vehicle Network (IVN®)

Think of IVN® as the “brain” inside the vehicle. IVN® offers the advanced technology that allows you to communicate with customers, keep your fleet in top repair and collect and analyze the data needed to operate at peak efficiency.

  • Single-Point Log-On

    An intuitive transit control head provides real-time access to schedule, route and traffic info, on-time performance and messaging to dispatch
  • Easy to Use Operator Interface

    Provides all the information an operator needs to ensure on time performance and peak efficiency
  • Real-time Voice and Data Communications

    Ensures operators and dispatch are always in constant collaboration
  • Mobile Data Terminal

    Enables each vehicle to maintain constant contact with command center
  • Vehicle Logic Unit (VLU)

    Provides the processing power and ability to communicate with all other on-board technologies

In Use In Over 30,000 Vehicles and in 6 out of 10 Largest Transit Agencies in North America