Think of IVN-R® as the “brain” inside the vehicle

IVN-R® offers the advanced technology that connects all your systems and allows you to communicate with customers, keep your fleet in top repair and collect and analyze the data needed to operate at peak efficiency.

  • Automated Audio and Visual Announcements

    Provides the ability to provide your riders with audio and visual information that helps them navigate your system. Complies with Americans with Disability Act and Accessibility for Ontarians w/ Disabilities Act
  • Passenger and Crew Intercom Support

    Easily operated passenger and crew intercoms; stay connected with both your riders and your crew
  • Closed Circuit Television Integration

    Integrates with your CCTV solution to ensure safety and security of your passengers and crew
  • Integrate with APC systems

    IVN-R integrates with your passenger counting solutions to help you monitor passenger loads and plan service levels appropriately
  • Wayside and Onboard Communication System Control

    IVN-R provides you with the ability to manage and control the information on your wayside and onboard communication, signage and infotainment systems.