The CleverCare® Suite of Solutions

Our services lead to longer vehicle life and measurable cost savings. A well maintained vehicle is a safer vehicle and safe vehicles protect your ridership and ensures a positive public perception of your agency.

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  • Software Maintenance

    Updates, patches & bug fixes and 24/7 technical support & access to customer care team
  • Onsite Support & Field Services

    Full, part-time & remote support to resolve HW and SW issues & ensure seamless integration & retrofits
  • System Monitoring

    Automatic alarms alert us when your system is down and we help with diagnosis and repair
  • Hardware Warranty

    Includes 24/7 tech support and access to Customer Care team
  • Hosting Services

    Available as a Co-location Facility or through a Hosting Partner. Ensures performance & reliability
  • Database Services

    Database management and support; ensures seamless route and announcement changes

  • 3rd Party Maintenance

    We can maintain partner products to reduce the number of onsite techs required
  • Clever University Training

    New employee and refresher courses available in a classroom setting or online
  • Consulting Services

    We can assist you in mining and understanding your data so you can make informed decisions to optimize and improve the efficiency of your operations

Our services lead to longer vehicle life and measurable cost savings