Better Insight Equals Better Service

CleverCAD enables dispatchers to communicate directly with vehicles and manage routes more effectively than ever before. It delivers greater efficiency and security to transit operations by providing dispatchers and supervisors with a clear, real-time picture of the location and status of every in-service vehicle and the ability to quickly react to service disruptions in real- time.


Your Eyes and Ears on the Street

Our multi-modal fleet management solution provides dispatchers and supervisors with critical real-time fleet information, comprehensive communications, and complete situational awareness for efficient management of resources. In addition, integrated emergency alarm and covert audio monitoring enables you to make informed decisions and quickly respond to safety or security concerns.

  • Situational Awareness

    Comprehensive real-time vehicle location, voice communications, and on-time performance
  • Dispatcher Efficiency

    Increases the number of in-service vehicles managed per dispatcher by up to 200%
  • Improved Communications

    Text messaging between users reduces voice traffic. Voice call queues ensure priority is enforced
  • Event-Driven Incident Management

    Auto-generated, user-defined incident reports for critical events
  • Mobile Route Supervision

    Mobile app provides road supervisors with the information they need to efficiently manage service
  • Disruption Management

    React to unavoidable service disruptions and update your passengers in real time.

Make schedule and route adjustments in real time to quickly restore service and communicate changes to passengers across all passenger facing systems.

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