• Easily Integrates into All CAD/AVL Systems

    Seamless integrattion into your CAD/AVL solution to provide CAD-centric communications essential to the management of your fleet and mobile workforce.
  • Can Operate as a Standalone Solution - No CAD/AVL Required

    Ideal for smaller agencies without a CAD/AVL fleet management solution.
  • Radio-Like Features at Half the Cost

    Unlimited Talkgroups, Private Calls, Scanning, Priority Scanning, Emergency Alarms and Covert Monitoring and more.
  • Broadband Carrier Agnostic

    Operates on any commercial broadband network, including FirstNet and Verizon’s Secure Core network, to provide a safe, reliable communication pathway in emergency situations.
  • Voice and Data in One Solution

    Supports all your voice and high-speed data requirements, so you no longer have to manage multiple devices for your voice and mobile-data application needs.
  • Familiar User Experience & Easy Transition

    A familiar experience means the impact to your users is minimal, and the transition won’t interrupt your processes or workflow.
  • Truly Seamless LMR Integration and Fallback

    Unlike other competitors who only augment LMR communications with their VoIP solution, Celrado truly integrates with your existing LMR to provide enhanced voice and data capabilities and the ability to switch between the two without user intervention.
  • Leverage More Than One Cellular Provider

    You determine which provider is primary and which is secondary. If your primary carrier’s coverage is impacted for any reason, Celrado dynamically switches to your secondary carrier so your teams can still communicate without a loss of service.
  • High Performance Voice Capability

    Toll-grade audio provides crisp, clear communications and consistent sub-one-second call set up make for a superior user experience.