Reduce Passenger's Waiting Times

The days of standing at a stop or on a platform waiting for a bus, train or ferry to arrive are over. So is wondering just how much time is left until the desired stop. BusTime® from Clever Devices reduces wait times and helps passengers better manage their time.


BusTime® enables you to communicate with your passengers in real time. Using GPS technology and scheduling data, BusTime calculates the real-time arrival time of buses, trains and ferries for specific stops and routes that you can share with your passengers in many ways.

  • Real Time Communication

    Share arrival times via text message, on the web, on Twitter and via electronic signage
  • Improved Passenger Experience

    Passengers can plan to arrive right on time, reducing frustrating long wait times
  • Increased Ridership

    Real time arrival information adds convenience & encourages use of public transportation
  • Customized Mobile App

    Agency-branded interface your customers can use on smartphones and tablets.

Reduce frustrating wait times and encourage the use of public transportation by providing your riders with real-time arrival information