Keep All Riders Informed

AVA® automates passenger announcements and syncs with LED signage to keep riders informed, making riding the bus more convenient for and independent for hearing or visually disabled passengers.

AVA® Bus Stop Announcements

Using public transportation can be challenging for riders with disabilities. With AVA, announcements are automated and coordinated with signage so passengers always know when it’s time to get off and how long they have until their stop. AVA makes transit more accessible for everyone.

  • Makes transit accessible

    Compliant with Americans w/Disability Act & Accessibility for Ontarians w/disabilities ACT
  • Improved driver focus

    Lets drivers focus on operating the vehicle safely
  • Clear Communications

    Easy to Understand On-Board & Bus Stop Communications helps riders navigate the system
  • Automatic Volume Control

    Adjusts announcements to be heard over loud noises inside and outside

Link your audio announcements with your digital signage to keep all your passengers informed