October 10, 2022

Francis “Buddy” Coleman Named Chair of the American Public Transportation Association Business Member Board of Governors

Woodbury, New York (October 10, 2022) – Francis “Buddy” Coleman, Chief Customer Officer of Clever Devices Ltd., has been named the Chair of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Business Member Board of Governors (BMBG). In this new role, Mr. Coleman will direct and establish activities for APTA’s Business Members and develop policy recommendations for APTA’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors, representing all business members’ interests. Their objectives include encouraging greater business member participation in APTA, developing better communication between governmental bodies and APTA Business Members, and providing APTA with continuing support in representing the public transit industry.

“My goal is to bring value to business members by advocating for continued dedicated funding for transit agencies and fostering closer collaboration with transit CEOs and board members,” said Mr. Coleman. “I see the business members, CEOs, and board members as the three legs that make up our industry stool. Each of these legs has various wants and needs, but we are all working together to ensure that our riders have a safe, efficient, and enjoyable experience using public transportation.”

Prior to being named the BMBG Chair, Mr. Coleman served as the Vice Chair and 2nd Vice Chair of the BMBG for two years each, as well as serving on the APTA Executive Committee and the APTA Board. Mr. Coleman is an active member of the Board of Directors for the New York Public Transportation Association, New England Public Transportation Association, California Transit Association, and the Transit Cooperative Research Program Oversight Project Selection Committee.

Mr. Coleman commented, “Now more than ever, we need to come together as an industry to overcome the issues plaguing us. We need to tell the story of the great careers that our industry supplies and draw more people into the field. We need to work together to ensure that small and mid-sized businesses can make a profit so our industry can continue to thrive. We need to understand each other’s issues to develop creative solutions.”

About Clever Devices, Ltd.: Clever Devices is the leading provider of ITS technology for all modes of public transport, including fixed-route, rail, BRT, and paratransit. Clever Devices’ solutions help public transportation providers operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and deliver the services that meet their riders’ needs. www.cleverdevices.com

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