October 21, 2019

Clever Devices Receives APTA Bronze-Level Sustainability Commitment Recognition

(From Left) Walter Weichselbaumer, Strategic Account Manager, Clever Devices; Amy Shatzkin, Vice Chair; Sustainability Manager, Sound Transit, Seattle, WA; Bernadette Ackerman, Director of Marketing, Clever Devices; Robert Borowski, Secretary; Sustainability Officer, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Austin, TX

Clever Devices is honored to have been awarded Bronze-level recognition from the APTA Sustainability Committee during the 2019 APTA Transform Conference. This award recognizes the dedication toward making sustainability a part of Clever Devices’ strategic objectives and our commitment to developing technology solutions for our transit agency partners that contribute to the sustainability of our planet and encourage the use of public transportation in the communities they serve.

Sustainability in the transit industry is all about employing practices that make not only good business sense but good environmental sense as well. This includes using sustainable resources to make facilities as ‘green’ as possible, ensuring business practices work to accomplish goals like reducing hazardous waste and increasing fuel efficiency, and encouraging land use and transit-oriented development to increase overall transit ridership. APTA members who sign on for the APTA Sustainability Commitment adhere to a core set of principles in order to become more sustainable in their operations and practices. These principles include:

  1. Making sustainability a part of your organization’s strategic objectives
  2. Identifying a sustainability champion within the organization coupled with the proper human and/or financial resources and mandates
  3. Establishing an employee outreach program that engages staff on:
    • ​how they can help realize the organization’s sustainability goals
    • the organization’s progress in meeting those goals
  4. ​​​​​U​​ndertaking a sustainability inventory of your organization
  5. Provide the transit industry with products and services that contribute to sustainability (for business members/non-operators)

Clever Devices is proud to offer several technology solutions that help our transit agency partners to ensure that they are working towards our shared goal of sustainability. Here are a few of the ways our products can assist agencies in employing more sustainable operations and increasing overall public transit ridership:

  • CleverAnalytics compares vehicles and operators performing the same work so that management can then use the information to diagnose areas of inefficiencies and make necessary changes to improve performance. The Idle Monitor module helps combat the chronic problem of avoidable bus idling by identifying and reporting on idle monitoring events so that they can be addressed. Eco Drive provides meaningful fuel efficiency information by analyzing the context of the users’ operations through the examination of the operator, vehicle type, route, and other variables that may impact fuel usage.
    The bottom line: Helps agencies reduce emissions and fuel waste.
  • SmartYard improves operations with real-time location information of all vehicles in a depot. Dispatchers can locate vehicles anywhere in the depot, schedule vehicle maintenance and assignments, and run performance and inventory reports. SmartYard makes vehicle assignments more efficient, ensuring the right vehicle is assigned to the right work and informing drivers of the exact location of the vehicle they’ve been assigned. Eliminates the time consuming and error-prone practice of manually reporting vehicle location within the depot, making the agency more efficient.
    The bottom line: Helps agencies get the right buses out on the road in time, reducing waste and keeping riders happy.
  • AVM is an award-winning vehicle health monitoring solution designed to reduce repair costs and improve the mean distance between vehicle failures. AVM allows transit agencies to pre-emptively measure and monitors their fleet’s systems to identify and fix maintenance issues before they cause failures that disrupt services, upset riders, and require costly repairs. Road calls can be reduced by up to 40% by predicting issues before they occur, ultimately increasing efficiency. Simply put, AVM keeps more buses running longer.
    The bottom line: Helps agencies avoid costly repairs, retain ridership, and reduce emissions.
  • Secure Bus Access keeps operators and passengers safe at all times. Buses can be stolen and used for reckless joyrides, or even as a weapon of destruction, but secure bus access guarantees that only authorized employees can operate the bus, ensuring the safety of employees, passengers, and the public.
    The bottom line: Helps agencies increase/retain ridership and avoid costly repairs.
  • BusTime allows agencies to communicate with passengers in real-time, sharing arrival information with passengers via text messaging, a mobile app, and electric signs at the stop or in the station. Accurate and reliable passenger information is critical to increasing mass transit ridership, and this real-time information increases ridership by keeping passengers informed and making transit more accessible.
    The bottom line: Helps agencies increase/retain ridership.

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