August 13, 2018

Buddy Coleman Joins Select Group of Transit Leaders on a Study Mission to Canada

Through a plan called Investing in Canada, the Canadian government has earmarked $22.3 B (U.S) into new programs designed to improve the nation’s struggling transit infrastructure. After leveraging investments from other government sources and additional private sector funding, the Canadian government will invest over $60B (U.S) by 2028 into new capital projects as well as the repair and rebuilding of Canada’s public transportation infrastructure. At the same time, local governments are also investing in transportation making this a very exciting time for public transportation in Canada.

With all this investment happening, APTA put together a study mission for a select group of APTA members designed to explore the innovative infrastructure development and implementations taking place in Canada. From July 22-27th, Clever Devices’ Chief Customer Officer, Buddy Coleman joined APTA Chair, Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. and APTA President and CEO Paul Skoutelas and 23 other leaders from transit agencies in North America to learn more about innovative funding and financing, procurement and partnership arrangements as well as capital project management practices and the development of new institutional structures in Canada dedicated to funding and enhancing transit.

“I always find the APTA mission trips very interesting,” said Buddy “in addition to the informative meetings, roundtables and presentations in the formal part of the program, spending a full week in four different cities in Canada with our agency partners and listening to their questions and the concerns they have helps me to better understand their needs and challenges,” he added.







Buddy Coleman (L), Clever Devices Chief Customer
Office with the General Manager, Transportation Services
Department City of Ottawa, John Manconi (R)              

Buddy Coleman (R) with Ottawa Mayor,
Jim Watson (L)
who joined the delegation
to discuss Ottawa’s $9B transformation from bus to rail.











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