Solutions for Rail

Solutions for Street Car, Light Rail, Commuter & Heavy Rail

Passengers spend considerable time riding your trains. Seamless operations help them get to where they are going on-time. Our solutions increase reliability, enhance efficiency, support safety and give your passengers the information they need.

On-board and Passenger Solutions

Can be implemented in new or as a retrofit to existing fleets to improve safety and passenger satisfaction.

Communications Solutions

Voice and Data communications ensure your systems and people are always connected.

Control Center Solutions

Provide fleet visibility & data management to analyze and improve reliability and service delivery.

Retrofit or New - Our sophisticated solutions are a sound investment

Nearly 50% of the North American fleet has been in service for over 20 years. We design passenger system retrofits that meet today’s passengers’ expectations for information. Our new, modular and scalable solutions are BUY AMERICA COMPLIANT and maintained and serviced in North America. And, our continued technology investment is our commitment to mitigate obsolescence ensuring you’re making a sound investment when you choose Clever Devices technology.