Solutions for Paratransit

Streamline Operations, Cut Costs and Improve Services

Delivering Paratransit is a vital part of your public transit offering. Finding ways to streamline costs while delivering premium service to those who depend on your solutions is critical to your bottom line. Our solutions can help you achieve your efficiency, management and customer service goals.

  • Fleet Management

    Central monitoring that provides real-time information to monitor and manage your fleet …

  • Business Intelligence

    Our full suite of business intelligence tools provide the historical visibility needed to …

  • Safety & Security

    Our solutions enable you to react to real-time emergencies, reduce accidents and improve t …

  • Mobile Data Systems

    Our mobile data systems integrate with multiple scheduling systems to help paratransit age …

Services & Support

A comprehensive suite of implementation, integration and post-deployment support solutions to ensure get the most from your Clever Devices ITS solutions.