Fleet Management

Central monitoring that provides real-time information to monitor and manage your fleet

Clever Devices’ fleet management provides real-time information about vehicles in the system so managers can make decisions about service, based upon what is happening in real time.

Better Insight Equals Better Service

CleverCAD® enables dispatchers to communicate directly with vehicles and manage routes more effectively than ever before. It delivers greater efficiency and security to transit operations by providing dispatchers and supervisors with a clear, real-time picture of the location and status of every in-service vehicle.

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A detailed look at ridership

Poor visibility into accurate ridership data leads to resource inefficiencies and poor customer service. CleverCount™ APC solution provides insights that allow you to plan based on the actual ridership demands of your customers, improving efficiency and increasing rider satisfaction.

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Fleet Management Products

Our complete suite of fleet management solutions can save you time and money while improving customer service.

  • CleverWorks™

    Maximizes the integrity of your data and makes modifications simple and easy …

  • Intelligent Vehicle Network (IVN®)

    Easy to use. Adapts to virtually any existing system and can be added without replacing cu …

  • CleverCAD®

    Innovative, dynamic service management tool for today’s modern transportation systems …

  • AVM®3

    Award-winning vehicle health monitoring solution designed to reduce repair costs and impro …

  • CleverCount™

    Automatic passenger counting solution that lets you plan based on actual ridership demands …

  • SmartYard®

    Improve operations with real-time location information of all vehicles in your depot …