SmartYard® for Rail

Advanced Yard Mapping Solutions that create efficiencies and automate manual processes

No More Manual Processes

With the SmartYard® advanced yard mapping management solution, you can locate railcars anywhere in the yard, quickly finding them for revenue service, planned maintenance, or inspection servicing.

Automating Yard Management. Creating Efficiency.

Walking the rail yard to manually record rail car and/or train locations is time-consuming. When maintenance staff, yard dispatchers and train crews aren’t on the same page there can be issues with searching for trains and potentially late departures. SmartYard automates your processes and provides the visibility you need to manage your yard operations.

  • Eliminate Manual Recording of Trains within the Yard

    Our real-time location system provides up-to-the-minute data for the precise location of e …

  • Simplified Train Departure Management

    An intuitive, user-friendly display shows the location of all railcars and trains in the y …

  • Deeper Visibility into Rail Yard Operations

    Provides Yardmasters with easy-to-use tools that provide the visibility needed to track ra …

  • Integration with Other Systems

    SmartYard works with your HR, train crew assignment or scheduling system to display crew c …