BusTime® Delivers Real-time
Passenger Information Through a Variety of Media

Our full BusTime brochure can be found here: BusTime Brochure

A Field-Proven Solution
Clever Devices’ industry leading Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system, BusTime®, is a field-proven solution that allows transit providers to communicate with its passengers. Using GPS technology and schedule/arrival data, BusTime® calculates the arrival time of buses for specific stops and routes. This information is then communicated to passengers via smartphones, text messaging, the internet and electronic signs. It also allows transit providers to communicate public service messages, such as system delays and emergencies, to its riders.

First deployed in 2008, BusTime® gives transit passengers access to real-time, accurate information regarding their commutes so they can reduce their waiting time. With improved and easy-to-access information, people are more likely to choose public transportation. Recent research indicates the impact can be approximately a two percent (2%) increase in ridership.

Puts information in your passengers’ hands
This real-time passenger information system is available by subscription-based email and text messages via mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, home computers, signs inside the buses, at bus depots, and bus shelters. It provides the rider with accurate information that affects their trip planning or commute: service delays, rescheduling, last bus of the day, and other important information. BusTime®’s accurate communication of information allows riders to best use their time and plan the most efficient trip.

It’s Your Data!
We believe all data is the property of the transit authority, and, therefore, all of our BusTime® deployments provide open data interfaces for third party access. This open data policy gives developers access to real-time bus arrival information for the development of mobile apps and widgets. This provides a significant benefit to your riders at no expense to you. However, not all data is available through the interface, so your restricted data remains confidential. Types of data available to developers includes vehicle location, route, destination, arrival predictions, service bulletins, stop list, and geo-position route path and is real-time within 15 seconds.