Electric buses are expected to make up HALF of city fleets by 2030 and 80% by 2040.

Transportation accounts for ~15% of all greenhouse gas emissions around the world

Electric buses can save an agency ~$400,000 US in fuel and maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle.

Let Data Drive Your Decisions

Data comes from various sources, and Clever Devices’ EVMS captures it all. Armed with that data, you can make the adjustments needed to monitor your electric fleet and better align your vehicles with their real-world capabilities.

Vehicle Data

Monitor and analyze the real-world range you’re achieving vs. the manufacture’s range prediction.

Charging Data

Evaluate charging behaviors to determine best practices, get visibility into the state of charge of all the vehicles in the fleet, monitor individual vehicle charge levels and their capacity to finish assigned work.

Route and Schedule Data

Analyze charge levels throughout a specific route to better understand the vehicle’s true battery-life, taking into consideration variables like topography and passenger loads.

Uncontrollable Factor Data

There are many factors that impact range that simply cannot be controlled such as climate and geography. By monitoring these conditions over time, certain conclusions can be made regarding the state of charge to help you more accurately predict range during certain times of the year and during certain times of the day.

Driver Behavior Data

Certain driver behaviors such as harsh acceleration and breaking actions can impact battery life. Use driver behavior data to assign drivers according to how they tend to behave or to retrain them promoting practices for conserving battery life.

Battery Data

Monitoring and detection of battery performance and fault data will help the maintenance department keep a healthy fleet ready for revenue service.


Track impact heavy passenger loads has on performance


Understand the role time of day and congestion plays in performance


The need to cool or heat the vehicle can challenge a battery


How a driver operates the bus can impact battery life

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