Managing and optimizing the assignment of work to your drivers, while ensuring rule adherence and labor law compliance, requires a robust solution. Additionally, a truly powerful tool must help schedulers manage the bidding process while considering driver availability. MTRAM Rostering simplifies your processes to create balanced rosters that consider all labor rules and driver availability.

Create Balanced Work Assignments and Reduce Overtime

Our powerful algorithm balances the workload among drivers and minimizes overtime

Easily Manage Driver Rosters

Easy to use interface provides schedulers with the flexibility to manage complex rosters

Driver Qualification Adherence

MTRAM creates your roster in accordance with the talent pool available

Assign Uncovered Runs

Assign uncovered/unassigned work to available drivers based on seniority

Simultaneously Manage Various Work Parameters

Ensure all criteria are carefully considered in the creation of your driver assignments

Integration with Payroll Systems

Automatically calculates employee hours & integrates with your payroll system

Personal Kiosk and Web-based Bidding

A dedicated kiosk lets your drivers interact with schedulers and management

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