Reduce Blocks. Reduce Runs. Reduce Costs.

The MTRAM Scheduling algorithm can reduce the total number of blocks and runs required to perform your service which saves money and is more efficient.

MTRAM Scheduling

Creating and managing service scheduling can be complex and difficult to maintain. And, if you are creating vehicle blocks and runs manually, you are likely missing opportunities for efficiency. MTRAM Scheduling optimizes your scheduling so you can deliver optimal service as cost efficiently as possible.

  • Save Costs by Reducing Blocks and Runs

    Reduce the number of blocks and runs required to perform your service to reduce costs
  • Scenario Management

    Simulate scenarios by manipulating your inputs in a virtual "sandbox"
  • Flexible Views

    View your vehicle blocks and runs in graphical or tabular views
  • Create Optimized Vehicle Blocks

    Automatically create a solution that considers critical factors
  • Garage Assignment

    Optimize assignment of vehicles to garages; minimize deadheads & idle times
  • Create Optimized Driver Runs

    Powerful optimization algorithms cut the vehicle blocks into the fewest driver runs necessary
  • Labor Agreement and Policy Adherence

    Considers all labor agreements and agency rules