Easily Manage the Unexpected Changes That Happen Everyday

Every day there are unpredicted changes to your planned schedule. With MTRAM Management you can quickly adjust your daily assignments to match the needs of your operators and your fleet.

MTRAM Management

Despite your best efforts to plan and assign your rosters efficiently, every day brings unanticipated challenges that must be addressed on a case by case basis. MTRAM Management lets you react to those daily changes so your service stays on track.

  • Manage Daily Driver Work Assignments

    Manage daily revenue service in the most efficient manner to avoid disruptions
  • Simultaneously Manage Various Work Parameters

    Manage the daily assignment of your fleet manually or automatically
  • CAD/AVL System Integration

    Sync with your CAD/AVL system to see the availability of your vehicles in the garage
  • Automatic Vehicle Assignments at Garage Level

    Each garage can determine its own vehicle assignment rules