Plan More Effectively

Our sophisticated methodology combines sensor data with best in class reporting tools that result in passenger count
accuracy levels of over 95% so you can plan better and operate more efficiently.


Improved Service. Increased Efficiencies.

When you have detailed information about your riders – such as where they are getting on and where they are getting off – you can plan your routes, stops and even your passenger amenities better and use your resources more efficiently.

  • Automatic Data Collection

    Onboard sensors collect APC data that’s transmitted via Wi-Fi upon return to the yard
  • Automatic Data Correlation

    Data is automatically correlated to Run, Block, Trip and Stop and stored in a SQL server database for reporting
  • Flexible Sensor Options

    Multiple options provide highly accurate passenger data for any budget or application.
  • Auto Reporting with Ridecheck+

    Integrates APC info with existing scheduling system data. Run reports with no manual entry.
  • Standalone or Integrated

    Deployed as a standalone offering or with an onboard IVN as part of a total ITS solution

CleverCount™ can be configured as a standalone solution or as part of an overall ITS solution powered by our IVN controller