Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is the newest form of mass transit, which uses buses in a manner similar to a train or metro.  Bus Rapid Transit offers an affordable option to building rail systems, and many cities today are selecting BRT for new routes.

To take advantage of BRT, there are certain features which are required including dedicated or bus-priority travel lanes, stations for boarding and alighting using all bus doors simultaneously, and pre-payment of fares to ensure the shortest possible boarding time.

Clever Devices intelligent systems provide real-time and historical information to ensure that the BRT system is operating efficiently, optimally and at the lowest possible cost.  Our intelligent systems also benefit BRT by integrating with city systems such as traffic signaling to ensure traffic signal priority for the BRT buses.       

Real-time Passenger Information

Real-time arrivals, vehicle location, alerts and bulletins. Information is automatically pushed to subscribed BRT customers.

Real Time Information

Traffic Signal Priority

Intelligent Traffic Signal Priority ensures BRT
buses receive priority when they need it.

Traffic Signal Priority


Timely and targeted travel updates are delivered to customers throughout their journeys.


Coordinated transfers between BRT and conventional service. Managed service levels and headway.