Business Intelligence

Reporting tools that lower costs and increase efficiencies

Our full suite of business intelligence tools provide the historical visibility needed to make the changes that improve efficiency and optimize operations.


CleverReports® is the central repository for all service-related historical data collected by our back-office and onboard systems, such as schedule adherence, incident/event management, and dispatcher activity. Over 200 standard dashboards and reports are available to effectively measure how well your agency is performing.

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Ridecheck Plus®

Making choices about service levels without accurate data can lead to poor decision making. And, attempting to collect ridership data using manual processes can often be ineffective and very costly. Ridecheck Plus®  automates all aspects of reporting so you can accurately collect, analyze and validate the data you need to optimize service while reducing agency costs.

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Our reporting tools provide the visibility you need to make decisions about your services

  • CleverReports®

    Business Intelligence tools that let you know how your service measures up to plan …

  • CleverAnalytics™

    Business Intelligence tool that compares operators and vehicles to diagnose areas of ineff …

  • AVM®3

    Award-winning vehicle health monitoring solution designed to reduce repair costs and impro …

  • CleverCount™

    Automatic passenger counting solution that lets you plan based on actual ridership demands …

  • Ridecheck Plus®

    Visibility to optimize your service around actual ridership demands …