Passenger Information

Real-time information that keeps passengers informed and makes transit accessible for everyone

Accurate and reliable passenger information is critical to increasing mass transport ridership and can have positive economic effects on a city by reducing lost productivity and personal time.

Connecting your Passengers to the Community

With Clever Vision you can provide riders with stop and route details and other general information like time and weather, while generating revenue with location based advertising for local businesses delivered at precisely the right time.

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BusTime® Mobile App Means No More Waiting

Calculating the real-time arrival time of buses, BusTime® lets you communicate with passengers in real time. Share arrival information with passengers via text messaging, the internet and electric signs on at the stop or in the station so they can meet their bus as it arrives.

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Our solutions let you provide your passengers with the bus information they need, when they need it.

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  • BusTime®

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  • CleverVision

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  • AVA® Bus Stop Announcements

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