Clever Devices offers the broadest range and the most comprehensive suite of ITS products for fixed-route and paratransit fleets. Our products can be implemented individually or integrated into an ITS solution tailored to your specific challenges. The modular nature of our products enables you to implement the technology you need when you need it, as your budget allows, and establishes a highly functional foundation for adding solutions in the future. Each of our products is highly reliable, feature-rich and scalable for all fleet sizes.  

AVA® - Automatic, location-based, bus stop announcement system
AVM®3 - Automatic Vehicle Monitoring, health and condition reporting
BusTime® - Real-time bus arrival passenger information for on-board signs and mobile devices
            CleverCAD - CAD/AVL (Computer-Aided Dispatch, Automatic Vehicle Location mapping and display)
CleverCare™ - Suite of post-deployment support solutions that ensures you have access to the tools, resources and 
                                               training that you need              
CleverReports™ - Business intelligence reporting for operator, vehicle and dispatch
            CleverVision - Superior on-board passenger information system and digital out-of-home advertising platform
            Geofencing - Virtual perimeter
IVN® - Intelligent Vehicle Network controller.  Clever Devices open network vehicle logic unit.
            Paratransit/Greyhawk Technologies - Simple MDC/AVL system that is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use
            Rail Solutions - Full suite of rail technology, including fleet management, passenger information, and public
            Ridecheck Plus - Automates all aspects of ridecheck data reporting and assesses overall performance
            SmartYard - Interactive, user-friendly real-time display
SpeakEasy® - Hands-free microphone for instant replay of recorded messages
            Traffic Signal Priority - Controlling traffic signals for Bus Rapid Transit applications
            TurnWarning - Automatic pedestrian warning system