Business Intelligence tool that compares operators and vehicles to diagnose areas of inefficiencies

Identify Cost Savings and Maintain Safe Operations

CleverAnalytics™ compares vehicles and operators performing the same work. Using that data, management can accurately diagnose areas of inefficiencies and make necessary changes to improve overall performance levels



Three distinct modules are included in CleverAnalytics™ including: Idle Monitor, Ecodrive™,  and Incident Analytics. Each provide distinct benefits designed to identify critical issues effecting productivity.

  • Idle Monitor

    IdleMonitor™ helps combat the chronic problem of avoidable bus idling by identifying and …

  • Incident Analytics

    Provides data on hard braking, hard turns, and hard accelerations, which are a
    prim …

  • Web-based Interface

    Convenient browser-based interface works with Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome®, an …

  • Dashboards with drill-down views

    Enables various groups to see different data sets depending on job function …

  • Ecodrive™

    Provides meaningful fuel efficiency information by analyzing the context of the users’

3 distinct modules: IdleMonitor™, Ecodrive™ and Incident Analytics help management analyze operator behaviors, uncover policy violations and diagnose areas of inefficiency