Fleet management is also referred to as Computer Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL).  Sometimes, it is also called Automatic Vehicle Monitoring.  Our fleet management solution is a centralized monitoring and management system for fleet vehicles, including fixed-route and BRT buses, paratransit vehicles, supervisor and maintenance vehicles, and others.

Clever Devices' fleet management provides real-time information about vehicles in the system, so that managers can make decisions about service, based upon what is happening in real time.  Vehicle location and status can be continuously monitored and correlated with planned work and schedules.  Voice communications are controlled, prioritized and channeled to either one-on-one conversations or to broadcast messages from the dispatcher to groups or all buses. Text messaging between dispatchers and the drivers is also provided.

Emergency management features are provided in the form of discrete emergency alarm triggers aboard the bus, which alert management to a situation and enable them to listen to audio and see camera images in real time from within the bus.

Fleet management dashboards provide system status information in at-a-glance views.  Historical reports are also provided showing details of overall system operation.

Ridecheck Plus

Tracks on-time adherence, passenger miles,
vehicle speeds and maximum loads.



Helps you monitor and manage the operation of all vehicles in your fleet more easily.



 Browser-based, real-time key performance indicators, historical analysis. FTA approved for NTD reporting with defects.