Clever Devices Automatic Vehicle Monitoring® system provides vehicle health monitoring using the on-board Intelligent Vehicle Network® system and business intelligence reporting designed specifically for bus maintenance personnel.  AVM collects data from systems on the bus using all available networks and interfaces including CAN, SAE J1939, FMS, multiplex systems, SAE J 1708/J1587, Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, discrete inputs and proprietary interfaces to legacy systems.

Our AVM3 is a third-generation vehicle health monitoring system which delivers the advantages of over 14 years' experience in vehicle health monitoring for buses.

AVM3 provides informational reports to save time during maintenance inspections, reduce maintenance costs, increase operating efficiency and improve service.  Vehicle health information is provided historically and in real-time to dispatchers.  With AVM3, customers can set specific business rules to take advantage of the expertise of the maintenance staff, who can configure the system in innovative ways and see pending issues before catastrophic faults occur.

AVM3 is the most advanced vehicle health monitoring system available for bus use today.

Real-time Monitoring

Respond to buses with maintenance alarms immediately, minimizing service disruptions.

Real Time Information


Triage buses with defects as they
return from service. Prioritize repairs. Integrate with maintenance management and work order systems.


Intelligent Vehicle Network

Integrate vehicle systems via SAE J 1939, SAE J1708/1587, USB, Ethernet, and more.



Prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering or approaching sensitive areas.